Simplifying global legal projects

Partner with us on development and roll-out of multi-jurisdictional projects – from workforce transformation initiatives and compliance projects to documentation.

We dedicate specific resources and assets to planning and executing multinational projects, as this is where we provide significant value.

We use the knowledge and experience we’ve gained to progress your project, whether it’s a starting point or something more advanced. We can also share our views on project trends, including what other clients are spending their time and resources on.

Projects can be hugely varied, so MDR ONE has the flexibility to fit with what’s best for you and your business.

Typically, we see projects falling into four primary areas:

Compliance with changing laws

Examples: EU Whistleblowing Directive, Employee Handbooks, Internal Regulations/Company Rules, Employment Contracts, Restrictive Covenants and Employee Data Compliance/GDPR.

Workforce management

Examples: Overtime compliance, mandatory training for employees and workforce transfer projects between entities.

Cultural developments

Examples: Diversity monitoring, transition to remote working, managing return to office/tracking attendance, and background/drug checks for employees.

Workforce transformation

Examples: Internal reorganisations, reductions in force, and post-M&A harmonisation

Case Study

A complex multi-jurisdictional project handled with ease

MDR ONE international counsel model flexes to cover HR projects large and small. Working in tandem with in-house legal and HR teams on a global workforce transition project, we saved time and money by simplifying complexity and streamlining processes.

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