Navigate complex global employment laws and take control of your legal operations

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We put you in control of how your teams access international legal advice.

Day-to-day HR

Receive timely global legal support and advice within your everyday HR function via a single point of contact.
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Advisory Projects

We’ll support you on developing and rolling out multi-jurisdictional employment law projects from company policies and workforce transformations, to complex global restructuring and compliance projects.
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M&A Support

Stay in control throughout the lifecycle of M&A transactions, with labour and employment law support in any jurisdiction.
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Employment Litigation

Get easy access to local counsel, management of your litigation portfolio strategy and keep track of all ongoing global litigation at a glance.
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We put you in control

For In-House Counsel

Centralised global employment law support that keeps costs under control and delivers data-led insights to help drive efficiency across your entire legal operations.

One global legal provider
Eliminate the frustration and complexity of managing multiple law firms across different countries and time zones. Instead, lean on one integrated service, one point of contact and one centralised point of engagement to hand-pick trusted local counsel in the jurisdiction you need employment law support.
Greater control
We are a true extension of your legal team, keeping local HR teams aligned with your pain points, risk appetite and positions. Our centralised approach and global view save you time and money while ensuring the local execution of a matter never compromises your corporate objectives.
Data-led insights
Our proactive account management process feeds back data-driven oversight on operational matters. Through regular reporting and analysis, we help you track legal spend and drive efficiency across your global legal operations.

For HR Teams

Access local employment law advice in a way that supports your global or regional HR team.

Legal support with HR in mind
We focus on what the business is asking HR to achieve. We liaise with your in-house legal team to save you time and ensure the delivery of legal advice aligns with your business objectives, supports your team and meets the expectation of all stakeholders.
Consistent approach
We take the time to understand your organisational approach and positions on day-to-day matters, so they are followed consistently from day one – eliminating the need to explain them each time an issue arises. Whoever in your team we are helping, wherever they are, the matter is executed as you want it.
Flexible and proactive
We realise your in-country HR teams will have varying levels of workload, skills and experience. That's why we tailor our global employment law support and escalation processes to your needs. With concise legal updates, we’ll keep you informed whilst saving you precious time.

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Putting Legal and HR teams in control

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