Putting Legal and HR teams in control

Access global employment law support through our bespoke self-service portal.

Streamline your legal operations and access consistent international legal support.
ONE point of contact for global matters.
Giving you 24/7 visibility, access and control.

Instruct, track and access expert advice all from one central place

Drive strategic growth and efficiently manage legal demand.


Streamline your legal operations and access consistent international legal support

Unlock global employment law support at the click of a button. Our intuitive self-service portal enables you to outsource routine legal work while maintaining comprehensive risk management. From initial instruction to insightful post-completion analysis, we put you in control. We incorporate triage processes that not only ensure we immediately work on authorised matters but also escalate critical issues where needed.


We put you at the heart of our service

At the core of exceptional client service lies seamless communication. Our self-service client portal is designed with you in mind, ensuring you are at the heart of our service delivery. Combining expert legal counsel from our specialist international lawyers and best-in-class technology, we provide you with reliable and consistent global employment law support as and when required.


Your ONE point of contact for global employment matters

Navigating global employment law requires a partner that not only understands the intricacies of local law, but someone who can provide cross-border advice fast. We act as your primary advisor and single point of contact, helping you resolve people management issues and receive legal advice quickly, wherever in the world that need arises.

How the MDR ONE self-service portal works?

  • Step 1
    Submit your
  • Step 2
    Instructions acknowledged
  • Step 3
    Monitor progress
in real-time
  • Step 4
    Receive advice
  • Step 5
    Access post-completion insights

Key benefits

Freedom to focus on strategic,
high-value work

Minimise the time spent on certain categories of work – defined by you - so that your in-house lawyers can focus on strategic work while your HR teams get the support they need to respond to live issues.

Responsive advice that's aligned to your business

Our lawyers receive your instructions quickly, enabling you to maintain the momentum of your business operations and get the answers you need to pressing matters.

Enhanced risk management

We ensure that even the simplest of tasks are handled with the utmost care to avoid potential risks, all of which is backed by a full audit trail of past and present instructions.

Unlock powerful insights and reporting

Access high-level data insights and reporting, tailored to meet your needs. We combine information from the portal, our systems and our lawyers, to provide data relating to financial tracking against budgets, live matter status, and a breakdown of spend per matter and country.

Accessible 24/7, anywhere, anytime

Around-the-clock access to your self-service portal gives you the tools you need to submit instructions, track progress, assess financial data and access key insights with built-in dashboards and reporting.

Secure storage

All your legal advice and key documents are stored in a secure data room, giving you complete peace of mind and the ability to easily revisit prior advice.

The self-service model helped transform the inhouse employment team from a reactive role and bottleneck to foreign outside counsel, to a strategic role that focused on high-impact work. Even better, our internal HR clients received quicker response times which they loved, and the employment law team received data which we loved. We used the data to understand where to focus training efforts and make a business case for local headcount growth. It was the first occasion I’d experienced outside counsel taking such an innovative and ‘outside-the-box’ approach. It was refreshing!
Rachel Roy Deputy General Counsel at Evolv Technology (former VMware Global Employment Law Lead)

Frequently asked questions

The self-service portal is an innovative cloud-based platform designed to streamline the way you access global employment law support. It provides you with the tools to efficiently instruct outside counsel on all types of employment law matters. Instructions are submitted via the self-service portal and our advice is delivered back to you by our lawyers in the conventional manner.

At its heart, the portal is a means of instructing outside counsel in a consistent, efficient and seamless manner. Other features include: a tracker and archive of previously given advice to avoid HR/legal asking repeat questions; a triage process; an intuitive instruction form and alerts.

The portal is versatile and can be applied to different categories of legal questions – from routine advisory questions to RIFs and exits.

 Absolutely. The portal is built to be flexible and will be tailored to fit the unique requirements of your organisation, including custom workflows, predefined triage processes, specific user permissions, and bespoke data reporting.

You can access the self-service portal using the secure web-based interface. Users will receive login credentials and can access the portal anywhere, anytime, provided they have an internet connection.

We offer detailed training sessions that can be conducted online or in-person, depending on your preference. We can also record the sessions so that you can share these with new joiners as and when needed.

The portal is designed with risk management at its core. It includes features such as triage dependent on matter type, escalation protocols, audit trails and differing access levels to ensure that all matters are handled in accordance with your company’s risk appetite and compliance requirements.

The portal has built-in data capture and analytics tools that track all activities and outcomes. You can also generate detailed reports to provide insights into your legal team’s utilisation of outside counsel, matter volumes, financial metrics, budget tracking and holistic trends, which can help to inform strategic decision-making and give you increased visibility.

Data security is paramount. The portal uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect your data. Access controls and authentication measures are in place to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

The portal is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. It includes features for data minimization, consent management, and the ability to respond to data subject requests efficiently.

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