Give your team autonomy, while remaining in control

Gain access to international legal advice through our bespoke self-service portal, accessible anywhere, anytime

We develop tools to help our clients deal with the challenges they face in managing their workloads and teams.

Legal teams are responsible for triaging a particular matter that comes to them – assessing risk, determining whether outside counsel help is required and perhaps approving others to seek advice (or seek it themselves). This can be the case for even the most routine, low-level, matters because routine and low-level does not mean no risk or that no legal input is needed. This is where we come in to help legal teams save time and focus on more strategic work.

Through listening to our clients, we have created our self-service portals, which can be applied to any service line. Each self-service portal combines user-friendly triage workflows and processes, training and technology. It effectively releases in-house legal teams from routine matters, without compromising risk management and visibility.

There are extra benefits, such as data capture and reporting, and processes that can up-skill HR and the business in instructing lawyers more efficiently.

Key benefits

Easing low-level admin

Minimise time on routine matters across the business, enabling your talented in-house lawyers to focus on more strategic work and drive better value across the business.

Effective risk management and visibility

No compromising on risk management – we know routine and transactional does not necessarily mean low risk.

Data capture and reporting

Macro-level data on outside counsel utilisation delivers insights on resource management and internal budgeting, to inform better decision-making.

Client Story
''With rapid growth comes the need to scale which can be difficult, especially when trying to navigate complex employment laws in multiple countries. The self-service model helped transform the in-house employment team from a reactive role and bottleneck to foreign outside counsel, to a strategic role that focused on high-impact work. Even better, our internal HR clients received quicker response times which they loved, and the employment law team received data which we loved. We used the data to understand where to focus training efforts and make a business case for local headcount growth. It was the first occasion I’d experienced outside counsel taking such an innovative and ‘outside-the-box’ approach. It was refreshing!''
Rachel Roy Deputy General Counsel at Evolv Technology (former VMware Global Employment Law Lead)
Case Study

Maximising efficiencies for in-house employment lawyers through process and technology

Many clients, even large multinationals, rely on small in-house legal teams for their routine operational employment legal matters.

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