Sweden – Transfer of parental benefit to other relatives

What’s new?

Currently, parental benefits are only available to, and can only be transferred between, parents in Sweden. Effective 1 July 2024, eligible parents will be entitled to transfer part of their parental benefit to other relatives. The transferee will then have the right to take the relevant period of leave from their employer, provided the required notice has been given (usually at least 2 months before the leave start date).

This ability to transfer the benefit to relatives other than parents is part of the Government’s aim to increase flexibility for working parents.

Who can the benefit be transferred to?

It will be possible for parents to transfer days of parental benefit to another person (such as a cohabiting partner or grandparent), who is covered under the Swedish social insurance system. In addition, the transfer is not limited to one person, meaning several people could receive a transfer in respect of the same child.

A transferee will not, however, have the right to transfer or waive their benefit in favour of another person.

How much parental benefit can be transferred?

Parents with joint custody will each be able to transfer up to 45 days of parental benefit for each child. Parents with sole custody will be able to transfer a maximum of 90 days for each child.

So, what should employers do now?

Employers should review their internal policies and processes to ensure they are compliant with the new parental benefit rights which will be effective on 1 July 2024, including updating any family leave policies. If you need any support with this, or would like any further information, please get in touch with a member of the MDR ONE team.