Italy – A step in the right direction for conciliation agreements

Effective 1st March 2023, it is now possible to sign labour conciliation agreements (i.e. settlement agreements) with the assistance of a lawyer, without needing to reach the agreement in a ‘protected venue’ (e.g. a trade union commission or certification commission).

This is an extra-judicial procedure by which a dispute can be settled out of court, with the assistance of lawyers. Crucially, this eliminates an additional procedural step which required the agreement to be validated by a third body, even though it had already been agreed between the parties, with their respective lawyers’ assistance.

The new procedure is triggered by an invitation from one party to another or by the signing of an agreement by the parties and their lawyers, where they opt for assisted negotiation. Once the agreement is signed by the parties and verified by the lawyers, it can no longer be challenged, as it will have the same status as those reached in a protected venue. The agreements can either be signed in person or digitally.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the ONE team if you have any questions about this, or require assistance with any labour matters in Italy.



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